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11: A Time of Transition and a New Move of God

Doug Addison is a good friend who has had a significant impact on my life and the life of my church. About two years ago Doug wrote a great article concerning the number 11. It’s a “timely” read which underscore the importance of my own 11/11 experience. I hope it encourages and inspires you as much as it did me!

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11: A Time of Transition and a New Move of God

Written by Doug Addison
Saturday, 08 May 2004

Have you noticed the number 11 coming up a lot lately?

Have you noticed the increased frequency of the number 11 popping out at you? ...On your clocks, in your dreams, in your everyday life? Have you recently awoken at 1:11 or looked at the clock and noticed 11:11? I believe that God is telling us to get ready for some major transition coming to the church and the world. I have felt this in my spirit for some time now and as I have traveled and talked with other leaders, many are also sensing the same thing.

11 is the number of revelation and transition. I have been researching revival and moves of God from the past. I noticed that since Israel became a nation in 1948, a move of God's power would come every 11 years or so. You can follow this 11 year cycle back to 1906 Azusa Street Revival as well.

In 1950, there was an incredible Healing Movement in which God anointed great healing evangelists like William Branham, AA Allen, Oral Roberts and many others. They actually would empty out hospitals and bring the sick to their tent meeting, and people were miraculously healed.

11 years later around 1961, the Charismatic Renewal movement kicked into high gear. Previously only Pentecostals sought the fullness of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. During this move of God, Methodists, Catholics, Presbyterians, and many other denominational Christians began getting filled with the Spirit.

11 years later in 1972, God answered the prayers of many people and sent the last known revival in America; The Jesus People movement. Hippies began to get saved and pour into churches everywhere. Unfortunately, many Christians did not recognize this as being from God and rejected this move. The hippies forever changed the way we experience church services by influencing the music and the casual dress (Thank you Jesus!)

11 years after that in 1983, John Wimber and Peter Wagner came together and began teaching a course at Fuller Seminary on Signs and Wonders of God for today (Course MC510). They introduced the idea that the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the power of God was not just for a few anointed leaders, but for every Christian who wanted them. This was known as the 3rd Wave Charismatic Movement and started many new charismatic churches such as the Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Add 11 years and we come to 1994, which was a great move of God called the Toronto Blessing. The Holy Spirit began to touch people with laughter and power. Paul Cain had prophesied this to the Vineyard years before that God was going to visit the Vineyard again when John and Carol (Wimber) are not. Most people did not understand that this prophesy was about John and Carol Arnott of the Toronto Airport Church. Millions of people from all over the planet have visited this church and their lives have been changed.

If we add 11 more years, we come to 2005. I believe the next move of God coming will be an evangelistic harvest. God will begin drawing the most strange and unusual people to Himself. And I would expect that just as in the moves of God in the past, many Christians will reject this move because it will be messy. People will come into the church who will need to be cleaned up. Tattooed, pierced, new age, gay, you name it, the radical outcasts are about to come to God!

I shared this with Larry Randolph and he had been teaching that 2005 was the year that will parallel the 11th son of Jacob: Joseph. God spoke to Larry that a Joseph anointing will pour out next year and bring with it marketplace and dream evangelism.

This is an exciting time to be alive! We need to prepare for this next move of God? Which I will write more on later...

Doug and his wife, Linda, are founders of InLight Connection located in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. Doug teaches courses on hearing God, dreams and visions, and the supernatural. Doug has been a pastor, church planter, and was the former National Dream Team Coordinator with John Paul Jackson's Streams Ministries International. He now trains and leads Dream Teams and Prophetic/Power Evangelism outreaches throughout the United States and around the world.

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