Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where's Tom?

Dear Friends:

This morning I'm traveling to Vancouver BC. I'll be teaching a Streams Ministries 101 Course with the new Directors of Streams Canada. Please keep me, my family, my church, the class and other instructors in your prayers


(PS. If you check out my clustrmaps below, you'll see large red dots where I'm getting the most hits. I'd love to know who you are and where you're from. Please leave me a comment and introduce yourself.)


  1. Hi, I'm Gale from Western Washington State.

  2. Hello, Tom!
    This work is very nice. Thank you
    Good work for you

  3. Hey Tom!
    It's to link to my page??
    much love!

  4. Tom I am from the raniy state of Oregon where are you and Nadine from?

  5. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. I was introduces to your wife through a blog party and I was intrigued by her blog and how real she is as a pastors wife. Thought I would pop over and see if you were similar to her and I wasn't surprised that you seem very real too. These days it's sometimes hard to tell who you can trust and who not to expecially over the internet. I try to guard my eyes and ears to some of the teachings of religions that either don't use the Bible as their life manual or those who twist it's words and meanings around. I can sometimes be pretty nieve and if I heard something and didn't actually go to the Bible to check it out for myself I might very well believe it until I'm told otherwise.
    I would love to hear you speek sometime! Do you ever visit Eastern Canada? I am in Prince Edward Island (Home of Anne of Green Gables). If you want to check out my Church link to my web site and click on "SCC" on the right. You can hear some of paster Andrew's messages on the stream at the left under the picture. I will be keeping in touch with Nadine's blog.
    Blessing on you,your family and your ministry.