Monday, May 14, 2007


A couple of posts inspired me this morning; LL & Shadraq, life giving and insightful as usual. They made me think… Concerning my spiritual journey…

Where am I?
Where do I want to be?
How do I get from here to there?

Shadraq’s post made me realize that I am what I eat and challenged me to consider my spiritual diet. What have I been feeding on? What do I consume on a regular basis? Is it life giving or life draining? Am I light-er for the feeding or heavy laden?

LL’s post challenged me to resist what’s safe and expected and normal. If I’m created to live a Spirit empowered supernatural life then… What risks of faith lie before me? How do I view the edge, as friend or foe? Do I fear falling or am I eager to fly? As I approach my 50’s am I looking for a plateau to settle down or are my eyes fixed upon the summit?

The winds of change are indeed blowing. I feel it upon my face and sense it within my soul. I can hear the Spirit say “come up higher”. It’s time to leave the safety of the ledge behind, it’s time to fly.

© Tom Zawacki 2007

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  1. Whenever God has called us to fly, flying with you made it less scary. Always remember, I'm with you.