Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Letting Go

About a year ago I posted an article titled “The Winds of Change” The Lord revealed to me in the twilight of the morning that…

“The winds of change were coming… that I needed to hold lightly to people, possessions and positions. That my hands needed to be free to catch what was coming on the wind”

This morning I experienced the painful truth of those words. My son moved to Los Angles to pursue a film career. Now, I’ve encouraged him throughout his life to follow his dreams and I knew this day was coming; I was just caught by surprise by how painful it was.

I had somehow convinced myself that doing the right thing at the right time would somehow make letting go less painful, it didn’t. I can’t help but wonder… how painful will the next thing be?

Nadine and I are extraordinarily proud of our son. He’s talented, passionate and extremely focused. He’s got what it takes and we believe in him, he’ll do just fine. These truths numb the pain a little, but just a little. (You can read Na’s take on it all here) I pray that my hands will remain open in spite of the pain.

Father with open hands I give you everything, all my people, all my possessions and every position. But most of all, this day, I give you my son. Grant him grace and favor on this new adventure. May he find you and his destiny on the way, amen.

© Tom Zawacki 2007


  1. Amen to your prayer!!!

  2. That is so beautiful. I am so glad that you shared that with us. I am sure that my husband and I will feel the same way as our five sons leave, one by one.