Friday, August 24, 2007

Burning Man

For the better part of the past six years my church has been on a prophetic journey. God started it all when He spoke to my heart and told me to invited Larry Randolph, John Paul Jackson and Paul Cain to our church. God initiated and God has sustained.

From the beginning of this journey I wanted our expression of revelatory gifts to have an outward focus and it has. For years now we have been reaching out to our local community via dream interpretation and what we call “life readings”. A life reading is simply a prophetic word. We use non religious jargon and terminology such as "life reading" to more effectively reach the un-churched culture around us.

This week we have multiple teams hosting a booth at our local county fair. By all reports it has been one of our best events ever. Throughout the week I’ve heard great stories of powerful encounters. People are so touched during an encounter that they bring back their children, friends, parents and even grandparents to get their dreams interpreted or lives read. You know you must be doing something right when they bring back the kids and grandma!

Nadine has writted a fine post about this year’s fair outreach. I stole the picture below from her blog. You can read it here.

Well, this year we are kicking it up a notch. We’ve been invited to join a team of 40 people who will hand out 15,000 bottles of water, interpret dreams, offer life readings and much more at an event called BurningMan.

BurningMan the largest pagan festival of the year here in the United States. At this event we get to be light in some very dark darkness. We have the privilege of showing the extravagant love of God to people who desperately needed it.

We leave today for this 10 day adventure. If I can find wi-fi, I’ll post from the playa. Please remember me, my family, my church, our BurningMan team and the burners in your prayers, thanks!

© Tom Zawacki 2007

Art Credit: “Fire Dancer” BurningMan 2006 by Tristan Savatier


  1. Cool picture of the fire dancer. I will miss you honey. I know you will come back with great stories. Have a great time. Know that you are loved.

  2. I came here from Nadine's blog. Good luck. I admire what you do!

  3. Praying for all of you, can't wait to hear all the testimonies.

  4. are you all going out to the playa this year? i'd love to come by to support you & those "seeking" the Light you're reflecting. how can i find you out there? what's your camp name &/or intended "address"? please be in touch.

  5. Hi Hope:

    We are the "Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafe" and we'll be located at Gremlin & 4:30 this year. Please do stop by and ask for "the Godfather". Me and my friends will be delighted to share some "light" with you!


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