Wednesday, February 11, 2009

31 Years amd Counting

Thirty one years ago today a very cute girl with long dark hair and hazel eyes ask me to take her to her junior prom, I said yes and (with the exception of Jesus) it was the best decision of my life. Three years later after much begging and pleading I made her my wife. Since that day, together we have been through many good times and bad, times of abundance and lack, nights of sickness and days of health... but we have done it all together.

Honey, I was too sick the past few days to get you a card for our special day so I thought I would just post a few thoughts of my own.

Nadine my love, thank you for..

Thirty one amazing years
Two incredible children
Following me across the country and back
Always saying yes to God
Sometimes saying no to me
Sitting with me through all those hours of chemo
Enjoying the good days with me
Enduring the hard ones
And for always going forward
Thank you for bending but never breaking
For being so quick to forgive
And so ready to love
Thank you for being my lover
My best friend
The keeper of my secrets
My guardian of my heart
My protector of my hopes and dreams
Thank you for believing in me when I can't
For pushing me when I won't
And for jumping with me when I jump
I love you today
I have always loved you
I will love you with my last breath
And after that, I will always remain... forever yours

Happy 31st Dating Anniversary Sweetheart,
You really are an amazing woman and I'm so very glad you're mine!
Baby, you're the best!


  1. I'm so glad you didn't give up on me and kept asking for me to marry you. I love you Tom and I treasure who you are and our love.

  2. Very sweet! Best wishes as you endure this round of "junk!"

  3. How wonderful you can write loving words from your heart and then share it with not only Nadine but all of us. She is indeed blessed.

  4. Dear Tom,
    I have come to know and enjoy your sweet Nadine and through her, had the chance to learn a little more about you and your ministry and lives. I celebrate with you both the wonderful gift of sharing a lifetime together. I pray for you guys that this chemo time will pass quickly and you will be enjoying good times and many more 1st date anniversaries :)
    Kindly, ldh

  5. so sweet... as always!!! I know you write this today but say it to her all year round. I love you two and Ty and I always aspire to love each other the way you two do!!!!

  6. Hello Tom, I'm over from your lovely wife's blog. First, know that we are praying for you.
    What beautiful heartfelt thoughts to your wife.
    Happy Day!

  7. Dearest Tom,

    You made me cried :) But happy tears I assured you as I can feel the love between you & Nadine :D

    There is so many qualities for me to learn through your relationship with Nadine and I am still learning :D

    Both of you are in my thoughts and I wish both of you the best.

    Shionge (aka BettY)

  8. well said! you 2 are so in love and that is so awesome!
    praying for you both, and Happy dating anniversary

  9. You guys are great for each other and a great example of keeping the fires burning for the long haul. My lovely bride and I are praying for complete healing for you, my friend. We love yous guys! ;-)

  10. The love you have for each other is an inspiration...

    (And know that you're in my prayers!)

    (Lattes and Lollipops)

  11. Much love to you both. You are in our thoughts and our prayers, but more importantly, in our hearts...

  12. You two inspire all the married (and unmarried) couples out there...let's just say you inspire EVERYONE! :)

    Wishing you many more happy years together!!

  13. Just dropping by from your wifes blog. Wow, you to have great love for each other. I have been praying for you and wonder often how you are doing. My husband lost his battle with Hodgkins Lyphoma in Sept. I miss him so much! Take care of yourself and keep up the fight!

  14. Dropping by today to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more to come!

  15. what a lovely photo and you two are a lovely couple. Keep on living life together in love and harmony :)