Thursday, December 31, 2009


Imagine you're one of the disciples, Jesus has given orders, it time to move - you're going to the other side of the lake. On your way a furious storm hits... The full account is recorded in Matthew 8. I have a few observations, let me share them with you.

Jesus Gives Orders
At various stages of our spiritual journey we receive clear, specific divine direction. We know that we know.

Storms Come
Despite the crystal clarity and wholehearted obedience it's still difficult and often scary.

Faith is Required
At some point we will have to decide... will we trust the One who gave the orders or yield to the overwhelming empirical evidence of our circumstances?

Disciples are Amazed
Amid the chaos God does God sized things and those who follow Him are amazed at what He can do in the midst of the storm.

I believe that in the coming year we will face furious storms as a result of our obedience. Faith will be required, God will move and we will be amazed.

Let the adventure begin!


  1. I agree and I love the new picture!!!

  2. Wow! Sometimes I look and see the wisdom that was there before, but now just in a clearer light! Thanks for the insight!