Monday, April 03, 2006

I Dream of a Church...

I found this on A Company of Friends (hat tip: tomas Perez)

I Dream of A Church...

Defined by relationships, not an address

Led by shepherds, managed by leaders

Where the Christian life is understood to be a journey

Where worship is genuine, unfettered and communal

Where new congregations are birthed before buildings are ever considered

Where spiritual conversations are as common as talk about the weather

Where we pray more than we talk about prayer

Where we expect the supernatural to happen because we actually believe God is in our midst

Where the people have a reputation for being flaming liberals; liberal with their time, their resources, their talents and their love

That attracts more Kingdom investors than Christian consumers

Where humility is the vibe

That is winsome and attractive to those who don't yet know Jesus not so much because of what's happening up front, but because of who's sitting beside them

Where the timeless truths of Scripture are not held hostage to traditions and preferences

Where women are cherished, respected and have the full freedom to serve and lead in the manner God intended

That understands and embraces the uniqueness of every generation

Where the failure to multiply ministry is socially unacceptable

Where artistry, creativity and curiosity are deliberately encouraged and not limited in their expression to a stage

Where the true "seekers" are the members; seeking to love their friends and neighbors into the Kingdom...just like Jesus

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