Monday, April 03, 2006

Walking the Bases

(and now back to the baseball vision)

After playing catch for a while, the Lord walked over to me and put His right arm over my shoulders and together we walked the bases. We went from first to home stopping to look at each base. I could tell that there was something written on each of the first three bases, written in a red baseball type script or font. Unfortunately I couldn’t read specifically what each said. The Lord said to me that three bases would be established before I “go home”.

OK, you may be asking so Tom, what does all this mean? Well, I don’t know, not completely but this is what I think so far. Looking at this metaphorically…

Painting with a wide brush it means that God has set a path for me, that he will be with me each step of the way and that multiple “bases” would be established before I go home.

Playing catch with God: He trusts me; he’s willing to put the ball in my hands and it will be fun.

The Right Arm of God: Speaks of a closeness, protection and power.

My Shoulders: Represents a governing leadership

Walking the Bases: The set path

Inability to Read what was Written on the Bases: Simply means that it is yet to be revealed to me, there are some surprises ahead.

Going Home: This statement didn’t make much sense to me at the time but it had a profound significance to me more than a year later when I was diagnosed with cancer. Although I don’t know exactly what each base represents, I do know that there is more to be done before I “go home”

As I am exploring the freedom of walking in the Spirit, I’m discovering that God likes to speak to me in parabolic form, in mysteries and in riddles. Proverbs 25:2 from the Message comforts me…

"God delights in concealing things; scientists delight in discovering things"

Let the discovery continue!

Next… The Dugout…

© Tom Zawacki 2006

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