Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Open Hand

Back in the nineties I planted a church in North Central West Virginia. At the same time I worked for an aerospace defense contractor to pay the bills. The aerospace company was great at providing training for their employees. While attending a management training seminar I heard an instructor make this statement “We need to learn how to hold on tight with an open hand”. Wow, holding on tight with an open hand, what a great leadership philosophy. I recall thinking to myself how well that statement applied to ministry. As a pastor this was how I needed to treat my people.

My people… hmm… that’s the issue isn’t it. Are they really MY people? They may have been entrusted to my care for a season, but they’re God’s people, not mine.

For me, holding on tight with an open hand means that I will love the people God has entrusted to me for as long as they are in my care. And when it’s time to let them go… I will let them go. You know, I don’t own anybody and I surely don’t want to control anyone’s life, heck I’m lucky if I can control my own life.

Maybe it’s because God has moved me around the country, I’m not sure but if he can move me across the country why can’t God move a member of my church across town? You know what, he can and he does. It is freeing for both me and “my” people to let them come and go as the Lord leads them and bless them in the process.

Maybe some will stay a long time, maybe others will only spend a brief season. Either way I hope their time with me leaves them encouraged, inspired and free.

~ For My Friends ~

Come, eat at my table
Drink of my wine
Let us laugh together
And let us cry together
Let’s battle together
Celebrating all our victories
Mourning all our losses… together
And when the time has come
Let us embrace in love
And part in peace

Copyright © Tom Zawacki 2006

Christ has set us free to live a free life So take your stand Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you
Galatians 5:1 The Message


  1. Don't worry! We're coming back! (Aren't we??)

  2. Of course you are! Have an awesome time!!