Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

A Dad wears many hats; one of them is that of the wise counselor. A good Dad is always ready to offer wise, godly counsel to his sons and daughters. On this Father’s day I offer 12 nuggets for your consideration…

1. Pursue Freedom
Christ paid a huge price for your freedom, take advantage of it, settle for nothing less and live it to the full.

2. Love Extravagantly
You were created by Love, for love and to love – it’s why you are here. Love with all you got and hold nothing back – Jesus didn’t. Of course you’ll get hurt, but its worth it! After you’ve been hurt, love again, the deepest love is the post wound love – it’s the most genuine and often the most passionate.

3. Forgive Quickly
Unforgiveness is like cancer, you don’t want it inside you. Keep short accounts with God and man. Life is way too short to waste on guilt, shame, anger, resentment or bitterness.

4. Respect Everyone
Maybe it’s a New York thing? For me, respect is a high personal value. Some people are worthy of your respect and some aren’t, however, treating them with respect says more about you then it does about them.

5. Dream Big
Dream God sized dreams. Don’t ever be satisfied with fear based, man sized dreams. Nothing is impossible for God and nothing is impossible with God.

6. Don’t Quit
Of course life is hard but your dreams are worth it. Enjoy the good days, endure the bad days and just keep going forward. Your circumstances don’t define you, don’t let them stop you.

7. Take Risks
You’ll never learn to fly with your feet on the ground and walking on water requires leaving the boat. Nothing great has ever been accomplished by playing it safe. God has lots of grace for mistakes, go for it!

8. Live Supernaturally
We are tripartite beings: physical, emotional and spiritual. There is another dimension all around us – the realm of the Spirit. It’s scary wonderful, it’s exciting, it’s where we will live forever and it’s available to you now.

9. Explore Creativity
Try new things, write, paint, sculpt, sing… you’re never too old. Creativity adds color to life, play with the colors – God is really into color.

10. Give Generously
Of your time, your talents and your treasure. Have you ever met a stingy person that you liked? It’s in the nature of God to be generous and His nature is alive in you. Take the best of what God has given you and then give it all away.

11. Embrace Passion
If creativity adds color to life, passion adds fire. Don’t fear godly passion, embrace it. It’s the rocket fuel for your journey and the God given homing device to your destiny. What are you passionate about? Go that way!

12. Know God
It’s the most important of them all. Above and before everything else be a “Friend of God”. Ministry is a poor substitute for intimacy, don’t settle. Cultivate that relationship in everyway you know how, learn new ways and then cultivate it some more. It will cost you everything but it’s still the best deal in the universe.

Happy Father’s Day

© Tom Zawacki 2008


  1. Wise words.

    You're a great dad and I'm glad you're the father of my kids.

    I love. Happy Father's Day.


  2. Good points and post.

  3. This would be a good post to read once a month! I miss talking with you and just gleaning all that wisdom.
    Happy Father's Day Tom!

  4. Very wise! it astounds me how amazing God is. Even though we know he is good, i am still always surprised by the extent of it. Happy Fathers Day!

    I just started a blog called "only in the storm" come on over and check it out :0)


  5. Dad's love is pretty incredible...

    Makes me realize how much of a process becoming a son (or daughter) is. In the natural, our kids go through a season of obedience, followed by a season of thinking they know more than we do, and finally settling into a place where they understand that we have wisdom to share if they'd only receive it.

    We do that with God. In our immaturity we run away from His wisdom, only to find our way back again eventually... He is good.

    Thanks for this post!