Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blog Widow No More

(Today I have a treat for you, a guest contributor to my blog, my lovely wife, the one and only Nadine, enjoy!)

Tom suggested I start a blog. That’s really not my cup of tea. Instead today I’m his guest blogger. I told him that I don’t have that many interesting things to say, some might argue that point (okay maybe I'm the only one who could argue that point, but I’m still part of “some”).

It's possible that I was against having my own blog because up until now, I was a blog widow. You know what I mean, the lonely, beautiful wife waiting patiently (okay maybe not so patiently) for her husband to finish writing his latest article, only to be sadly disappointed because he took too long! What has changed, you ask?

A laptop

That’s right my friends. Tom purchased a laptop so… instead of writing in his office he can write in whatever room I’m in. I’m a happy woman.

(Side note: Tom couldn’t wait until I finished to read this. So at this point he suggested I should mention that I’m a youngest child and that it’s really all about me. I told him he’s not writing this blog, I am. He thinks he’s funny, but not so much today.)

So after 28 years together and almost 25 years of marriage you might think that I would be tired of him and welcome a break now and again. This is where you’d be wrong. . . I think he’s still cute after all these years and I can never get enough of him. . . enough time that is. Am I the only person out there who got married because they actually wanted to spend the rest of their life with the man they said “I do” to?

Since Tom is a pastor (which is almost like being married to a doctor but without the money) he keeps weird hours. I work full time and it sucks the life out of me, the time I have left I want to spend with him. I know, I know it’s weird, but what can I say love does strange things to perfectly normal individuals. So for me, the laptop is the best invention ever (okay I know that there’s been better inventions, some that even save lives, but I’m a simple woman and maybe Tom’s right it really is all about me. (grin, grin) So if you’re a blog widow, my simple solution for you is this, buy a laptop.

I end with this, which needs to be said but doesn’t have anything to do with being a blog widow. As far as our church goes, I love our people because quite frankly we have a great church. These people rock! Tom and I are blessed in many ways. We’re surrounded by people who love us as much as we love them. And don’t let me get started on the teens in our church. I want to be just like some of these girls when I grow up.

© Nadine Zawacki 2006


  1. Nadine.. I'll let you be like me when you grow up if you let me cook like you when i grow up.

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I know Nadine and Tom for years and years. I watched them date, and marry. I have been a guest at their home sometimes for a week at a time and it is all true, they actually are still in love. Better yet, most days they even like each other.
    Love you both!

  3. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Tom, Tom, Tom...You had a open door to more fully express freedom and creativity and instead you bought a Dell...oh the anguish your son must feel! LOL

    I am so honored to be your friend, and one of your flock. Tom and Nadine, you totally ROCK!
    Love ya both!
    Mac rule, Win drools!

  4. I agree - laptops rule... and as an avid blogger, the freedom afforded by the
    'laptop / wireless' combo is pretty hard to beat...

    Love to you both!

  5. This was very moving. I have to say that not many people I know still "love" the one they married. I for one have been married for almost 12 years and I still love him to this day. Although there have been times Like in the beggining I had to chose to love him. Love is a choice not strictly a feeling so for better or worse till death do us part is a very real thing for me. I have met some people that when things get a little rocky they quit. Congrats to you for staying married for as long as you have and when you hit your 50th you will have made it to a whole differnt place in your life. I can't wait to get there. I like how energetic you are about your church it is one place I would like to visit some day.