Thursday, May 04, 2006

Driving Home

Some random thoughts… I was driving home from Seattle yesterday afternoon. I spent the last day and a half visiting my son. My son Tom is a 20 year old graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle. His ambition is to become a film maker. He’s very talented and a very hard worker. I’m extremely proud of him. You can check out some of his work on his website . I miss him a lot and hadn’t seen his since he was home for Christmas, so I drove over and we had a great visit.

With gas prices being so crazy high I decided to take my wife’s Grand Am instead of my Ford Explorer. When I take a long drive I usually bring some worship CD's and some teaching CD's with me. So, early Tuesday morning I grab a CD by John Paul Jackson titled “Keys to Receiving God’s Justice” and what I thought was a CD by Paul Keith Davis titled “Releasing Breakthrough Revival”. I know my wife listens to worship in her car so I didn’t grab any worship CDs. I hit the road at 7:00 AM filled up with gas, drove through McDonalds for some breakfast and off I went.

The first thing I did was listen to John Paul’s CD and it was excellent. At the end he leads the group in prayer and I kept on praying long after the CD was finished. After a bit I thought I would see which CD's were in Nadine’s car. I found only one! She had cleaned me out! Bless her heart! At least she left me a good one: The Selah Project: “Heavens Are Open”. By the time it was finished I had arrived at my son’s apartment.

We had a great visit and I hit the road home at about 2:00 PM Wednesday. This time I thought I would start with some worship and then listen to Paul Keith Davis’ CD. Worship time was good; I especially liked the first and last tracks “Not Unto Us” sung by Rayme Whalen and “Umbrella” sung by Brian Whalen. I pulled out the case with Paul Keith's disc and inserted it into the CD player only to discover that it was a DVD and not a CD. It wouldn’t play, bummer.

Now, I’ve already listened to the only worship CD I have twice and I’ve already listen to John Paul. Add to this, the radio doesn’t work in Nadine’s car. I’ve got about two hours to go and no tunes or teachering CD's. I decided to use this time to communicate with the Lord. I could categorize some of the communication as prayer. Some of it would more accurately be categorized as complaining and heck, some of it was just plain whining. But all of it was real and from the heart. I took the next two hours just pouring my heart out to God and it felt good. I talked to him like he was sitting in the passenger’s seat next to me.

Tuesday night I had a great heart to heart conversation with my son, we were up until 3:00 AM. Driving home I had a two hour heart to heart with my HeavenlyDad. Those were two of the best, most honest and real conversations I’ve had in a long time. Hey, the next time you have a long drive by yourself, turn the CD player off and talk to your Dad, it will do your heart good.

Copyright © Tom Zawacki, 2006

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  1. hey, good one tom. hahaha.. I love how people will look at you when you're driving and you're talking to someone but you're not on your phone and no one else is in the car. You made a nice connection there at the end. no wonder you're a preacher...


    ha.. yes..