Sunday, June 04, 2006

Juneau Alaska

Nadine and I are in Juneau, Alaska having a latte at an internet café. Onboard internet service is $.75 a minute! It’s crazy expensive, this place allows you to connect free for 10 minutes.

After two days at sea I am suffering some form of an electronic disconnect syndrome. If it isn’t recognized disorder yet, it should be. Maybe they can name it after me, the Zawacki Syndrome, has an appropriate ring to it. I can’t believe how dependent I have become upon internet and cell phone service. The inability to get a cell signal, check my email or read online news is very unsettling. I think I need a 12 step group or maybe deliverance.

The cruise has been fun. The ship and it’s passengers are considerably older than the first Alaskan cruise we took back in 2002. I’m thinking the average age onboard is about 67! I’m feeling and looking better by the hour, it’s all about perspective. The lack of oxygen tanks, walkers or motorized scooters is making Nadine and I very attractive! I’ve seen a few old geezers giving her the eye. It’s a good thing she loves me. Anna Nicole has nothing on her!

Seriously, we have meet some very interesting people, eaten some wonderful food (the prime rib and the sushi we’re excellent), gotten a lot of rest and thoroughly enjoyed one another.

Lisa tells me that things are good back home. Thanks Mike for filling in for me, she said you did a great job, I knew you would. I also hear that Zach is doing better, that’s good news, I hope Pari is feeling better as well.

Know that we love and miss you all. I’ll try to find another internet café in Skagway or Ketchikan, if not we’ll be back in town next weekend and I’ll post a bunch of vacation pictures.

Tom & Nadine

(Wow only a few minutes online and the anxiety is already lifting… I wonder if this is what drug addiction feels like?)

Copyright Tom Zawacki 2006

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