Thursday, January 18, 2007

What Will You Do With Freedom?

In one of my favorite scenes from the movie Braveheart, William Wallace played by Mel Gibson asks his countrymen

“What will you do with that freedom?”

This scene moves me, always has. As usual it had caused me to ponder freedom. God had been extraordinarily good to me. Not only do I live in the land of freedom, but I get walk out my faith in freedom as well.

What will I do with my freedom? I can celebrate it and invite others to my party. I can explore its fullness and blog about it… oh yeah; I’m already doing that… I can preach about it and create new ways to express it. All good stuff, but would I give it up… Would I sacrifice my freedom or even a portion of it so that others might be free?

There has been much talk since the tragedy of 9/11 concerning how much of our liberties we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of security. As much as I want to feel secure while in the air, I still hate removing my shoes as I go through airport security. Like most Americans I don’t easily give up my freedoms. Generally, I see this as a good thing.

Years ago I heard a story of two men who sold themselves into slavery so that they could preach Christ to those trapped in captivity. Wow, that blows my mind. I tried to find the account online but was unsuccessful. If anyone knows where I can find the details of it, please pass the information on to me, I’d appreciate it.

So, I’m feeling convicted. I can take pride in my freedom. I can thoroughly explore its fullness. I can share it with others and encourage them to be free. But, am I willing let some of it go for the sake of another’s freedom?

You know, that’s exactly what Jesus did. He sacrificed the freedom of the Throne Room and took human form to set us free. I can see that I still have a long way to go before I am conformed to his likeness.

Where is the greater love… personal freedom or seeing others free?

How much lack of freedom might God require of me to see others set free? What do I love more… my freedom or those still trapped in bondage?

What will I do with my freedom? What will you do with yours?
Oh God, oh God, Oh God…

© Tom Zawacki 2007


  1. Great post, very inspiring. Good question, what will I do with my freedom? um... Love, Nadine

  2. Tom,

    I'm not sure of the story re: the two men who sold themselves into slavery...

    ...maybe it was Patrick who, after being kidnapped and enslaved in Ireland, then escaping, made the choice to go back to that land and live with his previous captors (he took others with him).

    More info here.

  3. Patrick was amazing, thanks for the lead...