Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oh God, Where are the Real Men?

Where are the Davids who will run to the battle armed with only passion and five smooth stones against a massive giant and his armor bearer?

Where are the Davids who will dance before the Lord with all their might and not be ashamed?

Where are the men like Jesus who will tell the Pharisees that they are indeed white washed tombs filled with dead men’s bones?

Where are the Elijah’s who will challenge the false prophets, mock their false gods and dare them to pour more water on their unconsumed offering?

Where are the Peters & Johns who rather obey God than man?

Where are the Pauls and Silas’ who will pray and worship at midnight after being stripped, beaten and thrown in prison for demonstrating the gospel?

Oh God where are the shepherds who will kill the wolves that threaten your sheep?

Oh God, where are the real men with enough backbone, courage and guts to never quit?

Oh God, save us from leaders who walk in more fear of man than fear of You!

Save us from pastors who are better politicians than preachers!

Save us from leaders who are more comfortable with compromise than truth!

Save us from all the meaninglessness that fills your church!

Oh God have mercy on us and rip from our souls timidity, cowardice and passivity.

Oh God, where are the real men, the husbands, the fathers and the leaders who do not love their lives so much as to shrink from death?

Where are the uncompromising men of conviction with fire in their eyes and passion in their bellies?

Where are the real men, those warriors, those lovers of freedom who refuse to rest while others live enslaved?

Oh dear God give us real men, true leaders willing to pay any price, endure any trial and face any persecution to see your kingdom advanced and your name glorified!

Oh dear God, give us real men who will stand in the breach, face evil eye to eye and say, “Thus far and no more! Not in my town! Not in my church! Not in my house! Not here, not now, not this day, not ever! To get to them - you have to go through me!”

Oh God, where are the real men?
Oh dear God, where are the real men?
Oh God, give us real men?

Oh God, make ME a real man.


© Tom Zawacki 2008


  1. I speak from the position of knowing that you are a real man. You have lead with honesty and passion for freedom. I love you and the passion you expressed in this post.

  2. Great questions and great thoughts Tom. When I read things like this, it excites me about the relationships that are being built, renewed and strengthened among The Bridge. I am looking forward to seeing you again n Dallas and to serving alongside someone I know lives up to what he says!

  3. Really like the new look... all the way around!


  4. I am inspired with the thought that there are real men out there that will always put the Creator first! Thanks for showing what a man after God's heart looks like!

  5. You want to know where they are? They are the tattoo'd and the pierced. They are sitting in churches and being told that God accepts them as they are, but they have to change who they are to ever matter.

    They are the revolutionists.

    See my post in July 2007 What a Mindjob. (

  6. What about us women?

  7. Tom, what an intercessor and pastoral heart! That is what this says to me. I believe that REAL man is found in each of us when we follow God! Theree is a David, Elijah, Daniel, Esther etc inside each of us awaiting the time for us to act. We each of us were created for such a time as this- a certain second in our lives where Jesus activates us not just into the family but, again in His timing, into action. Again, I must agree with Nadine- you are refreshingly and transparently passionate!

  8. jewelia6:57 AM

    I see real and want to be real also, a real girl 8-) Good stuff

  9. a passionate cry from a passionate heart. I think we often have it too easy here in the USA, although you may see it in the faces of the Wounded Warriors returning from Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan. I think they demonstrate such love and commitment. it is in the crucible that such men(and women)are made. perhaps those times are coming here. I believe there are some people already there, and some soon to be proven. we often don't know until, like David, we face our giants. Oh Lord, may we all be truly ready!

  10. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Tom, like Braveheart, you too are willing to give up everything for the cause of Christ. We are His hands and His feet here on the earth. I believe there are more real men and women than we think. The Lord is indeed building His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. He is showing us how much we need Him. Apart from Him we can do nothing, but with God all things are possible. We are with you in the battle and ready for FREEEEEEEEEE-DOMMMMMMMMMM. Thanks for leading and following Christ with all your heart, so we can follow you as you follow Him. <3 Donna