Monday, April 28, 2008

Hunting for the Light

I have a friend Hunter; he’s 13 and attends my church. Recently Hunter started a blog titled “Hunting for the Light”. His most recent post blew me away! It restored my hope in the future for both our nation and the church! This is what he wrote:

I just had this running through my head for a few days I don’t know what it really is but this is it.


What if you believed you could fly would you jump?

What if you had the faith to move mountains would you push?

What if everything in your life was taken away would you have faith that everything was going to turnout?

NEVER stop believing!

Do yourself a favor, stop by Hunter’s blog and leave him an encouraging comment. I can’t think of a better way to sow into our future.

Hunter you rock!



  1. Hunter rocks! He's one special young man.

  2. Faith CAN move mountains, and it is written, that one who sees, believes, but blessed are they who do not see, and yet believe.

    I will check out Hunter's blog. He sounds like a young man with a questing mind...