Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Will You Fight For?

What are you willing to fight for?

What are you willing to suffer and bleed for?

What are you willing to die for?

Your Life?

Your Family?

Your Faith?

Freedom - Yours and Others?

Passion, Love?



My horse is ready, I'm fully equipped, reins in my left hand - sword in my right. Who will stand with me? Who will join me at the crossroads of evil and love... saying thus far and NO MORE! Who will ride with me? Who will fight with me? Who will bleed and if need be die with me?

Oh God raise up men of honor and valor in this hour, true men, leaders with passion in their eyes and fire in their bellies, men like William Wallace who refuse to bow to evil, men who will stand for truth. Oh God raise up such men, oh God make me to be just such a man.

Oh God,

Oh God,

Oh God...

(C) Tom Zawacki 2008


  1. So can only men of valor join? I stand with you, ready to fight.

    I love you babe.

  2. I'm in! (But I refuse to call you babe...for which we are both grateful - LOL)

  3. I love that scene. "What will you do without Freedom?" Another quote I love is "all men die, but not every man really lives!" Freedom and doesn't get any better than that. No regrets! Good post.

  4. I love that it just gets me pumped! "what will you fight for?!".. great post!

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    -Hunter Gabriel)