Friday, August 22, 2008

Burning Man 2008

In the morning I leave for our 2008 Burning Man Outreach. I'm privileged to serve on a team of 35 amazing men and women of God. This year's team led by Rob Mazza & Lisa Matscheck.

I'm going back this year for two reasons, no make that three...

First and foremost, I love the burners. It is an honor to serve them in the midst of their culture. I love to love them! Loving these people makes it all worthwhile.

Next reason is, in a vision God told me to go because I was going to have a significant encounter with a young Asian woman. Lord please bring this divine appointment to pass.

And finally, third - to support the leadership and the team. These people are lovers. To the extreme they love God and the people He created. Just being with them is a gift.

Please remember us in prayer this week. Intercession is life support for us out there on the playa. We covet your prayers.

So, tell me, do you like ORANGE? I was shooting for red but oh well, it came out orange. According to the Seven Fold Spirit of God listed in Isaiah 11 the Spirit of Understanding is represented by the color ORANGE. May I posses the Spirit of understanding for this entire trip - I'm going to need it.

I'll be away for about 10 days. When I return I'll fill you all in on the dramatic changes in my life including my new position and our big more to the big D.

(C) Tom Zawacki 2008


  1. I love orange on you. You know I'll be praying for you and counting the days until you come home.

    I love you honey. I know you will be a blessing to all those you encounter.

  2. LOVE the great! Your gonna fit right in.

    You know we got your back in prayer!

  3. The orange matches you outfit...very....uh.....Burner! Make sure you bring your green shorts to match the orange shirt. Big Ty's hair is blue, so that should look good with your orange!!! :-) Blessings my friend, God's peace that passes all understanding be yours this week, and may you tread only where you are called.

  4. Love the orange, can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures!!! Will be praying for all of you out there.

  5. Hey Tom. Come check out my blog :)