Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New Adventure

The last eight years have been the most fruitful years of my life. Deep friendships, amazing people and incredible opportunities have marked our time in the Tri-Cities. Now it’s time for a new adventure.

On July 18th 2008 John Paul Jackson asked me to join the Association of Bridge Churches staff as the new Ministries Operations Director, we accepted a week later. Our house has sold; we’ll close in the next few days and become residents of Grand Prairie, TX on October 11th.

Looking back I’m amazed at all God has done these past eight years. I will always remember our time at the Three Rivers Bridge fondly. Between the Streams Courses we’ve taught, the conferences we’ve hosted and our prophetic evangelism outreaches, thousands - literally thousands of lives have been touched. What a privilege it has been to know, love and lead these people.

More than two years ago the Lord told me that I needed to “hold loosely to people, possessions and positions” so that my “hands could be free to catch what was coming on the wind”. I’ve done my best to empty my hands, hopefully I’m ready for what the Spirit is about to blow my way. If you would, please pray for me. I want to do two things well – I want to be a friend of God and I want to help people reach their destinies. To that end please pray that I will stay low, stay clean and stay close.

OK, now I have boxes to pack and people to hug…

© Tom Zawacki 2008


  1. You jump - I jump, Jack!

    I love you with my whole heart.

  2. I'm sorry, but you really don't need to announce the fact that you are packing boxes - Those of us who love you dearly do NOT need to be reminded of the inevitability of your move...


    Ok, fine! Go if you must. But know this: You will leave a terrible hole!!


  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    A big Texas welcome from Grand Prairie!!!

    Visit for the most up to date news of Grand Prairie.


  4. Uggh! My whole body reacted when you said you had boxes to pack...still fresh in my mind.

  5. I pray that God will prosper all that you do Tom. You are blessed with an amazing wife... Nadine's love for you and her support come across on her blog in a way that you can almost reach out and touch.

    That woman loves you.

    That God told you to hold loosely struck a chord with me. What an amazing testimony you have.

    Be blessed.


  6. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Praying blessings and peace as you transition to the new call on your life... Your getting closer to New York, maybe a trip to visit you would be more likely... Know you are loved and prayed for even though we are not in direct communication. I love you both dearly. Send me your new contact info please my email is still the same. xoxox dsoto

  7. Tom, thank-you for your faithfulness over the last 8 years. We were a body without a shepherd. You moved your family across the country and lovingly led us. I love the way you constantly implored us to seek greater intimacy with God. I also love that this move is God's promotion. You have been found faithful in the small things.
    We will pray for you, for the move and for your new position.
    I am proud to call you one of my closest friends.

  8. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Wow, great news!
    We are happy for you, and we'll pray for you as you say goodbye to those you have loved for years.

    Sid and Cheryl

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  11. is it as hot as they say??

  12. Anonymous6:40 PM

    can u leave ur phone number to me???

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