Monday, May 25, 2009

After Six Months

It's been a long difficult battle, harder this time than the last but in the end we were victorious. Yes, we because you never fight this fight alone.

After six months of needles, blood tests, chemo treatments, nausea, fatigue, bone pain, digestion issues and insomnia...

After six months of faithful intercessors, loving family members and caring friends...

After six months of enjoying the good days, enduring the bad days, and just choosing to go forward...

After six months of being loved and supported by the most amazing wife any man has ever had...

We got a good report... "no evidence of cancer". I'm back in remission. whew...

To all of you who prayed... thank you!

To all who encouraged, helped and cared... thank you!

To Nadine, I could never have made it through this again without you, you're amazing, you're the best and I'm so glad you're mine. I love you and I thank you. I remain forever yours.

Dear God, thank you.

Ok everybody, break time is over, let’s get back to work!


  1. In sickness and in are the man for me.

    I'm grateful to our Lord and all our supporters for helping us through this.

    I love you more each day. I am forever grateful to walk through this life with you. You're a good man, Tom Zawacki and I'm glad you're mine.

  2. So very delighted to read this Good Report of God's love.

  3. get back to work????... yeah you've been a real slouch these past months that's for sure :))))

    the next post will say completely healed!!! not just remission.

    love you and your beautiful "arm candy"... hey that would make a great Burner name! hmmm....

  4. Ha! Get back to work? Spoken like a man who knows God has much in store for him. Long life - lots of laughter - lots of praise and thanks to the One who loves you the most.

    Father continue to abundantly bless Tom and Nadine! They have certainly blessed me!