Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Apology from a Christian

by Tanya Dwyer

I am sorry for the ways that Christians have behaved like idiots in your life.

I am sorry for the times they said one thing and did another.

I am sorry for the way you opened up your heart to them, believing they were representatives of a good God, and then they didn’t even really “see” you, and they trampled over you with their agenda to earn badges for God.

I regret, I deeply regret, the hypocrisy that was portrayed and how it has left you with a sour flavor wondering if that is who God really is.

The ways that religion and its manmade rules were purported as a higher way was wrong. The things you were told you had to quit or change were told to you by people who did not understand the model of transforming love. They took a role God did not intend for them to take.

Their assignment was to love you. In not doing that well, you got hurt. I wish that had not happened. I wish you had not been hurt.

I am sorry that you were seen as a project that someone else could use to gain approval with God.

I am sorry for the dishonor-for the ways your culture and heritage were not respected.

I apologize for the disregard of your personal story and history, and the way you were devalued as an individual.

I am sorry for the judgments; for the times when you were made to feel like a lesser than, or left feeling ignorant because the Christians all seemed to have a certain language they assumed you should know.

I am sorry for the times you felt excluded. That is the very opposite of love.

I am sorry for the times that ‘punishment’ included not letting you belong if you didn’t ‘behave’ according to their rules. How painful that is!

I just wanted to let you know today, I don’t know your story, but I would like to. When we sit down and talk, I don’t have an agenda.

I have done worse things than most people, so it’s easy for me to not judge you.

I don’t believe there is a set of rules that transforms me. I think it’s Love.

I give you permission to call me out if I get religious.

I think if we learn each other’s language we may be friends. I am hopeful that we can learn things from each other. I am sure we will find things to laugh about. I would like to try.

I am a Christian. To me, that means I follow the way of Love. I hope you won’t hold it against me.

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