Wednesday, April 26, 2006

11/11: Swallowed by God

I offer you the details of this experience as honestly as possible. I don’t pretend to comprehend it’s fullness nor do I feel the need to defend it. Rather, I’m simply telling my story. These events took place just as I’m about to share me.

The Sword
As I lay prostrate on the cabin floor in the presence of the Lord, I am suddenly taken into the Spirit. I see the Lord standing before me; I’m facing him on my knees. The Lord takes a sword, raises it above his head and says “I consecrate you and set you apart for myself”. As the Lord says this he takes his sword and passes it down through the center of my being. Through the top of my head then down through my heart, my gut and finally through my groin. Oddly, I wasn’t spit in two, the sword simply passed through me. As it did, I knew it had profoundly impacted my mind, my passion, my courage and my intimacy.

The Breath of God
Next the Lord put a sword in each of my hands, he placed his thumbs in my eyes and his mouth over my mouth… he actually breathes into me. At this point I am undone. My entire being goes numb. It was as if my circuit breaker popped. I was completely overwhelmed by the breath of God and lost consciences. I’m not sure how long it took me to recover, but when I did I was even more amazed.

Swallowed by God
I open my eyes and see the mouth of God. It’s open wide and overtaking me, He consumes me. I’m swallowed by God and I descend into, not his digestive system but his heart. In this place I experience the most exhilarating freedom of my life! Complete, uninhibited limitless freedom, I feel safe, totally secure and loved like I have never been loved before. Within the heart of God I spin, I twirl, I dance and I fly with inexpressible joy.

In this place I knew that the entire universe easily fit within the heart of God. I could see the universe from end to end and there was still room to spare on either side. I was flying through galaxies, star cluster and the far reaches of the universe. The colors were amazing, especially the reds, blues and brilliant bright whites. Light and sound were all around me, everything was alive! It was strangely peaceful yet exhilarating both at the same time. What could possibly happen next?

To Be Continued…

Tomorrow: Angels of Destiny

Copyright © Tom Zawacki 2006

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  1. This is a crazy/wonderful visionary experience! Keep posting. You know, its hardly the same kind of source, but there's a song by the (mainstream) band Live called Flow , whose lyrics remind me of this:

    Gotta find a way to flow, in a host of things that grow where babies become old, and love is bought and sold the mouth of God is wide so let's just fall inside and let the whole damn thing go and flow...

    Just thought I'd tell you...