Friday, April 21, 2006

On the Lighter Side...

(I’ll continue the 11/11 encounter tomorrow)

Just for the fun of it check out these unusual websites… enjoy!

Sites Unseen this has to be the largest collection of unusual Christian websites I’ve never seen. I found most the sites below on this one. Proceed with caution this site will eat up hours of your life if you let it!

PostSecret confession is good for the soul, a 21st century confessional, ok this isn’t so light but it is unique. (discretion advised)

Sacred Ink to tattoo or not tattoo that is the question… they said yes. (hey Na, hint, hint)

Prayer House Art let the page load, very cool art work, I love the colors

Church Sign Generator now this could be fun… send me your best signs ideas

Do-It-Yourself Impressive Theological Constructs this one made me laugh out loud!

The Optus Tennis Challenge ok, this has nothing at all to do with Christianity but it is a simple, fun and crazy hard game.

Church of Fools a virtual 3D online church building… why, I have no idea?

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  1. church of fools - you have to admit, there is something mildly comforting about not having to deal with ACTUAL people - in a virtual church you can make people respond whichever way YOU want, right??

    ...'stop touching me'... 'I'm not touching you - you stop touching me'...'hey - shut up!'...'why don't you shut up!'...

    naaaaahhhh... touching's too much fun!

  2. Hey, thanks for finding and listing us! This has been a labor of love, and we're glad you're getting some milage from it.

    We like your 'blog too, so we're gonna list it one of our next updates.

  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I'm trying to make some church signs to send ya, I also found more sign geneartors on