Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ted Dekker

Short blog today, I saw an orthopedist for a hand condition called “trigger finger” and he gave me a couple surprisingly painful cortisone shots in my right hand. My hand is tender and a little swollen so, typing isn’t fun at the moment.

This spiritual journey I’ve been on has caused me to explore freedom, passion and creativity in new and different ways. One creative outlet I have thoroughly enjoyed has been reading the work of Ted Dekker. He’s a Christian Author who enjoys going out side the box. His Circle Trilogy: “Black”, “Red” & “White” was awesome. It spoke to my heart powerfully about the Bridegroom’s passionate love for the bride. I’ve also enjoyed “Three” which is being made into a movie. “Blessed Child” has been my favorite so far, narrowly beating out the Circle Trilogy. The purity of the main character Caleb and his ability to walk in the Spirit provoked me to jealousy (in a good way). …And I’m about 75 pages away from finishing “A Man Called Blessed”. I plan to read everything he’s written

Do yourself a favor and check out his website. Do yourself a bigger favor, get hold of anything Dekker has written and read it! You too will be blessed.

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“In essence, my books boil down to God's pursuit of man, and man's pursuit of God. My protagonists are rarely Christians, but rather people thrust into extraordinary situations that ultimately lead them to God. Fiction allows me to put flesh on dogma and make this pursuit real”.
Ted Dekker

**UPDATE** Check out these “TED ESSAYS” He’s speaking my language!

Outside the Box; Inside the Circle

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  1. I'm definately happy you got into ted dekker. I want to do things like Caleb.. Can you see the colors come from eveyone's mouths? Maybe what should be an exercise.. Ask God what colors different words are.. or what color someone is speaking.. Interesting..