Wednesday, April 19, 2006


One of the main purposes for writing this blog was to have a forum for recording my supernatural experiences. I’ve already chronicled my Baseball Vision (3/29 post); today I will begin recording my 11/11 experience.

This supernatural encounter actually began on October 22, 2005. I had just spent the week in Bartlett, NH attending a Streams Ministries Teacher Training course with my wife and four members of our church. As I was leaving the hotel I saw Aaron Evans. Aaron is a wonderfully gifted man who serves as Vice President of Streams. As I walked over to say my goodbyes, Aaron looked at me and said “Eleven eleven, yep November 11th something good is going to happen, you call me on the 12th”. The spiritual weight on his words impacted me significantly. I thanked him, said goodbye and promptly recorded his words in my journal.

It’s interesting; over the previous few weeks I had been noticing 11’s and especially 11:11, on digital clocks, timers, speedometers and TV channels. It seemed like anything that could have an eleven on it did. I recall thinking to myself that God was trying to tell me something but I was unsure what it was. I’d looked up various 11:11 scripture verses but nothing seemed to hit me. Aaron’s words however, did. It wasn’t a scripture verse but a date the Lord was communicating to me.

My first thought was to clear my calendar for November 11th and spend the day in worship and prayer. However, when I checked my palm pilot I remembered that I was committed to officiate a wedding in Whitefish, Montana for that date. I had spent weeks working with the young couple, the groom’s parents are close friends, leaders in the church and the wedding was just 17 days away. I couldn’t bail out on them at the last minute. If something good was going to happen to me on November 11th, it would have to happen while I was in Whitefish.

The bride and groom had planned a simple affair with family and a few close friends in a beautiful Montana log cabin lodge. The plan was to drive over on the 9th and head back on the 12th. For that reason the family graciously provided me with a private cabin. Any doubts I had about officiating the wedding were soon to be profoundly washed away.

To Be Continued…

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