Friday, January 05, 2007

Holy Discontentment

To be discontent is to experience a lack of contentment or satisfaction. It’s a restless desire or craving for something you do not have. Holy Discontentment is when this condition is caused by God.

Many of us are presently experiencing this holy discontentment. Deep within we know that we have been created for more. It’s our destiny we sense and it feels almost within reach.

It’s in the nature of man to seek comfort and safety. However, the very essence of faith is constructed of the uncomfortable and risky. Sometimes the Holy Spirit needs to stir us out of our lethargy by reminding us of our callings and destinies. At the same time, the enemy of our souls is willing to tempt us with something less than our full purpose.


Have you felt this Holy Discontentment?
Can you identify with that nagging sense of dissatisfaction?
What do you know that you know, deep down inside your heart?
What is your passion?
What has God created you to do?
What is it that God has called you to?
As you peer above from your present plateau, what do you see?
What are you waiting for?

Know this, it’s not too late!

I believe that 2007 will be a breakout year for many. Much of the ground work established in recent years will pay off in the months ahead. I exhort you to go for it. This is the season to press ahead and take that leap of faith. Now is not the time to quit, now is Not the time to give up, now is not the time to run away!

Use the discontentment you are now experiencing to propel you forward instead of allowing it to grind you to a halt. It could be... it just could be God who is stirring this desire within you.

Oh God put to death in me comfort with the status quo. Continually stir up discontentment within my heart until I reach the fullness of my destiny in Christ. May I never be easily satisfied with only a portion of your purpose for me. Let passion for you burn within me until I am completely yours. I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.


  1. I love your passion. I hear it when I read your words. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. This may be my diagnosis. Hmmmm...

    Oh, by the way, Steve resigned on Sunday. Moving to Tenessee in June.

    Love you guys.